Management consulting

The corporate world is an increasingly complex and intricate web spanning human capital, technology and individual corporate asset bases. Keypoint’s management consulting function helps dismantle these complexities and identifies the positive mechanisms required to deliver optimal corporate value in a cost -effective and efficient manner. 

We help clients evolve their corporate processes to meet current market demand and achieve both short- and long-term goals. We draw upon a deep corporate pedigree that has the required diversity, proficiency and experience to move clients toward their corporate requirements, enabling them to focus on achieving their strategy and realising their goals.

Our range of leading-edge management consulting services includes:

Business plans

Develop road-maps that support clients’ journey to their optimal destination in the most efficient manner

Feasibility studies

Helping to avoid costly mistakes that can be made during project execution and operation, building a common understanding of fundamental drivers and helping predict project viability

Policies & procedures

By encouraging consistency across an organisation’s functions, help reduce costs, guide existing employees and accelerate learning for new employees

Market research and surveys

Developing dynamic market research and relevant surveys within the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider MENA region

Impact assessment studies

Helping to identify key business drivers and assess how a specific activity may impact an organisation

Due diligence

Helping ensure clients have access to the full range of information needed before making a purchase decision

Strategy articulation

Examining corporate strategy in granular detail, down to the last link in the chain of execution

Listing on the Bahrain Bourse (BHB) and Bahrain Investment Market (BIM)

We have been licensed as a BIM official sponsor since BIM was launched in 2017

Mergers and acquisitions

Helping clients, on either the buy or sell side, assess deals, maximise value and facilitate deals


Identifying standards of value and the premise of value, using a range of financial and analytical skills and customised tools

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Rami Al Jallad