Keypoint in Saudi Arabia

We help clients across Saudi Arabia better understand the technology needs of their organisation, identify and implement suitable IT systems and align technology with business requirements, while also comprehensively analysing risk and planning for contingencies. An important aspect of any technology investment is the alignment between IT strategy, technology sourcing and implementation. Our experienced IT consultants help optimise the return on technology investments by understanding strategic goals and supporting the development of tactical objectives.

Cybersecurity services

  • Cybersecurity risk management
    • Threat modelling
    • Cyber resilience review
    • Threat hunting bug bounty
  • Cybersecurity reviews
    • Advisory and audit for compliance against national cybersecurity standards
    • Security architecture review
    • Governance risk and compliance
  • Cybersecurity awareness
    • Security awareness programme
    • Security phishing programme
  • Data and information security
    • Data breach/spillage mitigation
    • Information rights management
    • Data loss prevention
    • Data protection
    • Data discovery/classification
  • Vulnerability management
    • Vulnerability assessments
    • Configuration assessments
  • Penetration testing
    • Penetration testing
  • Cyber security event logging
    • Security monitoring services and tools
  • Cybersecurity incident management
    • Tabletop exercises
    • Threat intelligence sharing
    • Incident response training
    • IR capabilities (including containment, recovery and forensic investigations)
  • Web application security
    • Application filters and boundary controls

Enterprise application solutions include:

  • Solution and vendor selection
  • Solution implementation – including e-invoicing advisory
  • Project and programme management
  • Post-implementation reviews

Data protection services include:

  • Data protection impact assessments and audits
  • Data protection framework developments and implementations
  • Outsourcing of data protection officers

ISO advisory and secondments

BCM solutions include:

  • BCM plan development
  • BCM implementation support
  • BCM testing and maintenance
  • On-going advisory and support

IT internal audit services include:

  • Technology audits
  • IT audit planning and delivery
  • IT audit follow-ons
  • Maturity evaluations


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