The Bahrain Investment Market (BIM) was officially launched in March 2017. Its rules are interpreted, administered and enforced by the Bahrain Bourse. Keypoint has been licensed as a BIM official sponsor since BIM was launched.


BIM can be a game changer for companies seeking access to growth capital. It provides an innovative capital raising platform for growing companies and is an alternative equity market for mature local and overseas companies seeking a listing.


Keypoint’s unique approach

  • Assess company readiness and its listing eligibility
  • Understand why the company is considering listing on the BIM
  • Assess the company’s environment & business
  • identify value drivers & strategy goals
  • Assess operations & management quality
  • Assess financial performance & status
  • Build a case (as necessary)
  • Develop an admission & listing plan
  • Develop a checklist & rectify outstanding requirements
  • Develop initial timetable plan with key milestones
  • Identify a suitable group structure
  • Set up initial discussions with the Bahrain Bourse
  • Update initial plan
  • Apply to the BIM
  • Prepare application forms
  • Exercise due diligence
  • Value the business
  • Assess risks & working capital needs
  • Ensure compliance with requirements
  • Liaise with the Bahrain Bourse
  • Liaise with the appointed broker for sale of shares
  • Ensure compliance with disclosure and reporting requirements
  • Advise on the effectiveness of corporate governance
  • Advise management on operations
  • Evaluate director’s & key officer’s effectiveness
  • Review & endorse announcements and reports
  • Communicate with the Bahrain Bourse

Key benefits of BIM for issuers

  • Access capital
  • Improve shareholder diversity
  • Increase exit options
  • Understand market value of shares
  • Augment visibility of company and brand
  • Improve financial status
  • Boost business life cycle
  • Enhance credibility
  • Cut financing costs
  • Access underwriters

Key benefits of BIM for investors

  • Improve transparency and disclosure standards -due diligence assessed by third party (the sponsor)
  • Upgrade corporate governance and compliance standards
  • Access a sponsor-driven platform
  • Lock in promoter capital
  • Discover competitive price through the direct public offering process

Key features of BIM


Target sectors


Keypoint’s value proposition

  • Our approach and methodology are tailored to meet your requirements, helping lead your company towards a successful listing.
  • We focus on you, developing a complete understanding of your requirements, readiness and timing before applying to the BIM.
  • We help you understand the challenges of listing, assess the impact of those challenges, explain how your systems and processes will have to change and ensure you comply with BIM regulations.
  • By getting the planning process right, you are more likely to list successfully and less likely to incur damage to your finances or –perhaps more seriously –your reputation.
  • We provide full assistance, support and guidance throughout the listing process, using the blended knowledge and experience of our professional consultants.

Direct public offering (DPO)


Listing roadmap

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