Many managers report that interviewing potential candidates can be one of the most stressful parts of their jobs, not least because the consequence of making the wrong decision can be expensive, long-lasting and difficult to correct.


Keypoint’s human capital function has developed a short, focused interview programme – aimed at line managers – that is designed to ensure that interviews are more successful, less stressful and more likely to deliver the right result – the right candidate for the right job.

How to shortlist the best candidates

How to prepare – as the interviewer

Why job descriptions matter

How to use an interview checklist

How to evaluate skills & capabilities

Complying with in-house processes

Keypoint’s interview workshop was developed to help managers interview effectively in order to select the right candidate.


Interviews are supposed to assess candidates’ strengths, weaknesses and potential for a specific job. A good interview is one where the candidate feels fairly treated by the organisation and the interviewer learns more about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.


During our interview workshop, we:

  • Suggest how to identify a good CV – using the 5C model
  • Identify different types of interviews – and suggest which best fits particular situations
  • Outline basic interview techniques
  • Help managers plan and conduct interviews
  • Identify common interview errors
  • Suggest helpful questioning techniques
  • Stress the importance of effective listening
  • Highlight non-verbal communication
  • Suggest how to assess interview candidates
Mohammed Ashraf
Senior Director
Arpita Mhatre
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