How secure are your organisation, applications and networks – and your physical security?

Red teaming – a multi-blended, simulated attack orchestrated from the perspective of a malicious actor – helps find security loopholes and gives clients a 360-degree perspective – without thte pressure of a headline-causing cyber security breach.


Red team overview

Red team tests realistically simulate a virtual and physical security attack, attempting to uncover security vulnerabilities that might otherwise be discovered by bad actors and offering a genuine overview of the risks and vulnerabilities threatening your technologies, people and physical assets.


Red teaming covers your application, networks, social engineering and physicla security:


A selection of work products

  • High-level non-technical summaries for executives and senior-level management
  • Detailed technical report for security professionals – with step-by-step information that sets out our findings
  • Fact-based risk analysis linking critical findings to specific assets
  • Tactical recommendations for immediate improvements
  • Strategic recommendations for longer-term improvement


For more information, please contact Keypoint IT consulting.

Srikant Ranganathan
Senior Director
Sagar Rao
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