Effective budget forecast procedures help companies monitor, manage and utilise over the short – medium term, helping to sustain business operations and avoid liquidity shortages.


We can help companies – both large and small – across economic sectors develop budget forecast models that identify funding gaps and suggest options that support financial and operational strategies.


Our liquidity management approach includes:

  • Analysing business and operating models
  • Developing innovative solutions that optimise costs and enhance revenue streams
  • Determining cash-flow activities across functions
  • Analysing working capital and credit policies
  • Analysing debt and lease financing structures
  • Identifying financing and re-financing options
  • Assessing and revising current budget forecast
  • Developing financial plans that underpin effective and efficient fund management
  • Developing dynamic financial models

Effective fund management procedures help decision makers optimally utilise and manage funds over the course of the financial year.


Keypoint, as an independent professional services firm with deep knowledge of, and experience in, corporate finance, is well-placed to advise key decision makers on setting up budget forecast models that help manage a wide range of liquidity issues.


Contact us for further information on our liquidity management services.

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