E-invoicing solution

Our cloud-based application (hosted within Saudi Arabia) generates, manages and clears ZATCA-compliant e-invoices and credit and debit notes e-invoices by:


  • Generating e-invoices in XML, system interface in English. Required data fields (Arabic and English) reflected on e-invoices. Language manipulation not in scope.
  • Complying with ZATCA requirements. ZATCA prohibits anonymous access, mandates session management and forbids the generation of multiple invoice sequences.
  • Supporting local data archiving.
  • Integrating with ERP (and manual invoicing) platforms
  • Integrating with ZATCA’s platform(s)
  • Hashing and cryptographically stamping e-invoices
  • Generating QR codes, required for all invoices after 1 January 2023

Solution implementation

Our implementation process – built on broad experience and covering required automation – is designed to ensure that our KSA clients meet the requirements of 4 December 2021 (e-invoice generation} and 1 January 2023 (integration with ZATCA systems).


4 December – generation

Data sent to e-invoicing engine by ERP systems – or manually entered and uploaded to e-invoicing solution.


1 January 2023 – integration

Operational interface between the e-invoicing engine and ZATCA’s system(s).


Integration across phases 1 and 2

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