Asset valuations are crucial to any business. Valuations are often done as part of the acquisition or disposal of assets or for financial reporting requirements. However, revaluations – when done properly and at the appropriate time – can be a key way of assessing balance sheet health – and bolstering equity.


Revaluing assets – including property – can help businesses:

  • Improve leverage ratios
  • Show the true market value of appreciating assets
  • Determine accurate pricing for sale-and-leaseback purposes
  • Improve financing credibility


As a market-leading consultant, Keypoint’s management consulting team advises a wide variety of clients, ranging from major banks and large corporations to SMEs.


This empowers us to:

  • Revalue and report alternative assets through fair value
  • Value various types of property and tangible assets
  • Recognise intangible assets that may have been improperly recognised
  • Analyse purchase price allocation
  • Measure impact on shareholders’ equity
  • Identify key areas for improvement
  • Advise on the commercial potential of a range of assets – including property
  • Forecast maintenance costs and capital expenditure
  • Identify highest and best use of property and assets


For more information on how to determine whether this is the appropriate time to revalue your assets, please contact us.

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