We are consistently told by the technology sector that cloud is the future. The main organisational challenge to cloud has been – and continues to be -its impact on existing investments in infrastructure (including servers), team capabilities, system compatibility and security. As a result, many companies – persuaded by the apparent ease of continuing to do business as is – put their cloud plans on the back burner.   


With working from home now a significant part of any future ‘new normal’, key IT decision makers need to start addressing a number of critical questions, including:

  • Is our current infrastructure capable of supporting this new mode of business?
  • Is it financially feasible to continue to invest in on-site systems, servers and data centres when teams are increasingly geographically-dispersed?
  • Are the proven, longer-term benefits of moving to the cloud – including increased efficiency – sufficient reason to start redesigning technology investments now?


These questions form the basis of our digital transformation assessment offering. Based around four pillars – durability, adequacy, availability and security – our digital transformation team evaluates:


Contact us today to better understand how we can help you cope with the ‘new normal’ by analysing your investments in technology – and deliverability.

Srikant Ranganathan
Senior Director
Sagar Rao
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