Keypoint launches SOC service

Manama, 24 January 2018

Keypoint, one of Bahrain’s leading professional services firms, has launched a security operations centre, making it one of a select few firms in the GCC to offer an around-the-clock advanced threat identification and hunting service.

Wajdi Al Jallad, Keypoint’s managing director, said that he was delighted to see Keypoint once again breaking new ground and developing new services for clients and the Kingdom’s growing business community. “As companies become more and more reliant on IT for both business-as-normal and e-services, threat levels continue to rise. We are confident that the business community will be keen to take advantage of the cyber defence we can now offer.”

Security operations centres are currently seen as the best way of fighting off persistent and increasingly advanced cyber threats. “We can monitor threats around the clock, identifying attack signatures in real time, alerting our clients, and responding in real time,” explained Srikant Ranganathan, who heads Keypoint’s IT consulting function. “With this new service, we can monitor threats off-site, deploy advanced cyber threat intelligence, protect clients from different cyber threats and both prevent and detect attacks. Our SOC combines artificial intelligence with an event management system, giving us – and our clients – a better understanding of threats to their business.”

“Firewalls were once seen as a cure all,” added Syed Azher, who has worked in IT security in Bahrain, across the GCC, Australia and New Zealand for the last 15 years. “What we are now seeing is that firewalls are really only as good as the rules they are based on. Those rules – and security measures in general – need to be continuously monitored. Our SOC – using advanced artificial intelligence – will help our clients – telecoms businesses, financial services organisations, insurance companies, retailers and many others– not only deal with higher risk levels but also understand how and why they are being targeted.”

About Keypoint
Keypoint delivers statutory and corporate advice, accounting, investment administration, tax and VAT consulting, human capital, IT consulting, management consulting, financial regulatory compliance and trust administration services to a wide range of businesses, from corporations and financial services and insurance institutions to single owner companies and family managed conglomerates.

Our vision is to be the region’s leading professional business services provider by consistently providing a full range of business services that are:

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