Saudi Arabia and the UAE implemented VAT on 1 January 2018, with the other GCC countries expected to follow in the next 12 months. Key decision makers should now be more aware than ever that we are entering into a new tax era. Key decision makers at businesses in the UAE and Saudi Arabia need to ensure their processes and systems are VAT-compliant, while their counterparts in the other GCC states need to start preparing now for the implementation of VAT.

In light of the imminent introduction of VAT across the GCC due to the growing pressure on governments to increase and diversify sources of revenues, Keypoint has decided to introduce a new tax consulting service line.

Keypoint's tax leadership team help key decision makers across the GCC understand the impact that taxes have on businesses and their stakeholders, as well as ways to optimise their tax liabilities. As well as advice on preparing for the implementation of VAT, our tax consulting team can advise on a range of tax issues, including VAT compliance, local, regional and international taxation, mergers and acquisitions and transfer pricing.



The key members of the Keypoint tax consulting team have a 'Big 4' professional services background and offer relevant regional and sector experience. Between them, they have over 40 years of tax experience, gained working in Bahrain, across the GCC, in the Far East, in Europe and in Oceania.  They have advised business and organizations across all industry sectors - with a particular focus on financial services, manufacturing, international trade, retail and the automotive sector.

With VAT the most immediate tax challenge for Bahrain and the GCC, Keypoint Tax Consulting will help businesses understand the challenges of VAT's imminent implementation, assess the impact of those challenges, explain how systems and processes will need to be changed, check compliance with yet-to-be released national legislation, and ensure they pay the right amount of VAT at the right time. By getting this right, businesses are more likely to be able to generate VAT efficiencies and savings and less likely to face financial and reputational damage.

As well as VAT, we utilise our in-depth industry knowledge to provide clients with a range of effective tax solutions, including:

  • Tax structuring
  • Tax due diligence
  • Regional - particularly Saudi and GCC - tax legislation and systems
  • International tax
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax disputes
  • Tax issues within Islamic finance

When delivering VAT implementation to your business, our team will work in conjunction with our IT consulting team.











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