Institutions have to operate in a changing environment. Requirements - and the people who deliver business - keep changing. Organisations have to ensure that business requirements and leading practice are continuously communicated to stakeholders. Learning and continuous education programmes are a cornerstone to achieve this goal.

As technology evolves and with the prevalence of the internet, social media and mobile technology, eLearning - learning using technology as a platform - has become an industry standard. eLearning reaches all stakeholders and provides a learning environment that is both consistent and personal. eLearning is increasingly interactive, enabling two-way communication between users and instructors.

Keypoint has designed an eLearning platform based on the latest technology that can be used to deliver industry-leading training to stakeholders across your organisation.

Learning Point
Keypoint’s simple yet powerful e-learning platform delivers quality learning opportunities on the go. We offer both cloud-based (hosted at Keypoint’ s datacenter) and on-site arrangements. We also provide on-site learning, customised with clients’ branding including logos and corporate colours.

Learning Point can be used with a vast range of training courses. We have developed some leading practice courses that can be pre-configured on Learning Point including:
  • Common reporting standards (CRS)
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
  • Anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC)
  • Business continuity management (aligned with ISO 22301)
  • IT Security (aligned with ISO 27001)
  • IT process management (based on ISO 20000)
  • IT governance
  • ACL training for internal auditors
We also work with our clients to customise courses to cover their unique requirements., before deploying them on the eLearning platform.

Key features
Key differentiators for our ePlatform include:

  • Industry-leading open source learning platform
  • Fully customisable user interface
  • Customisable course content
  • Customisable settings including:
         - Number of attempts allowed
         - Allowed time to complete a module or course
         - Accessible times

  • User reports providing a detailed trail of each user’s learning

Benefits of Learning Point
Key advantages of our eLearning solution include:

  • High quality pre-configured training
  • Customisable programmes
  • Holistic learning management process (registration, training, evaluation and monitoring)
  • Supports regulatory compliance training
  • Multilingual including Arabic and French
  • Cost effective – with one-time licensing and pay per use options

Learning Point is used by:

  • Keypoint for all learning and development needs
  • A large international Islamic banking group based in Bahrain for FATCA training
  • A large international bank based in Bahrain with operations in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and North Africa for global FATCA training
  • A large regional bank based in Bahrain for business continuity training


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