Our specialised team of Subject Matter Resources (SMRs) and consultants with deep domain knowledge and industry experience assist clients in identifying & managing their information technology-related requirements including risks from the use of IT through innovative services.

We offer IT services that assist in understanding the technology needs of an organisation, identify and implement suitable IT systems, align technology to the business requirements and manage risks resulting from the use of information technology. Comprehensive risk analysis and contingency planning are developed in unison.

Our services are tailor-made for institutions implementing proven methodologies, international standards and experienced resources to deliver superior services to our esteemed clients, and include the following:


In addition to our in-house experience team, we leverage on our strategic partnership/ alliances with international firms to assist our clients with end to end solution delivery.

Our services

Changing face of technology as a business enabler requires business leaders to invest in dependable and compliant technology solutions. An important aspect for technology investments is the alignment between the IT strategy followed by the steps for technology sourcing and implementation.

We proud ourselves in supporting several of our clients in their technology adoption journey and upgrades, based on their long term plans. We believe in improving our clients ROI through an experienced advisory team which works hand in hand with our client’s teams from start to finish in their technology journey.

Advisory Services
Our advisory services offering are spread over technology adoption lifecycle and includes:

IT consulting

  • IT Strategy & roadmaps development
  • Application portfolio rationalisation
  • Application & vendor selection
  • Vendor contracts review

Benchmark matrix implementation

Project management services

Digital transformation

  • Customer experience assessment
  • Opportunity exploration 7 prioritisation
  • Strategy/roadmap

Data services

  • Cleansing & preparation
  • Migration assistance

Security services

The introduction of latest technologies and services, such as cloud computing, mobile computing and digital platforms are changing the way people and businesses access their information. The availability of information access from anywhere at any time through variety of platforms demands deployment of robust and effective information security management strategy and systems to control information access and flow.

Our security services enable our client organisations:

  • To proactively identify, solve and avoid both, internal and external security threats
  • With optimal utilization of existing security infrastructure


Our security services offerings:

Cyber security

  • Cyber crisis management services
  • Cyber incident simulation services
  • Cyber incident response support services
  • Cyber threat awareness programs
  • Data theft detection
  • Security operations center development
  • Industry and customer specific threat analytics
  • Forensics - special investigations and fraud detection

IT security

  • Information security strategy
  • ISO 27001 certification support
  • Physical and environmental security assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments (Internal and External)
  • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery
  • IT security architecture design

Managed security services 

  • Network device management
  • Firewall management
  • IPS/IDS management
  • Data loss prevention system management
  • Virtual Private Network Design and Management
  • Internet proxy server management
  • Antivirus & content filtering  service management
  • End point security management
  • Encryption management
  • Capacity management
  • Vendor management

Identity based access management solutions


Assessment services

Business management expect the IT operations to function seamlessly and efficiently. The IT function in any organisation tends to operate on the edge due to these high expectations from the business. To deliver on its promise to business, IT function in the organisation needs to operate to a design and structure, be effectively resourced, have clear accountability and responsibility, be well controlled and have clear performance measures.

Our services around technology operations are focused on providing our clients the confidence in their technology function’s capabilities to handle the business requirements on an on-going basis. We tackle all the three aspects of defining, operating and assessing the IT function on behalf of our clients. The outcomes from these services enable clients to enhance service quality that IT provides to business.

We also offer technology monitoring services focused on providing clients the confidence that their IT environment is well controlled and does not expose the business to any unforeseen threats. An independent assessment of the IT controls in organisations ensures that they have been designed to international standards, provide a holistic view of the IT environment and are working effectively across the year. We have an experienced team equipped with tools and best practices to advice clients on their IT audit requirements and perform the reviews.


Our assessment services offerings:

IT audits

  • Technology audits
  • IT audit planning & delivery
  • IT audit follow-ons
  • Maturity evaluations

Effectiveness assessment

Implementation quality assurance

  • Blueprint review
  • Test scripts validation
  • User acceptance testing
  • User access design

Application controls assessment

Project risk management
IT projects are generally complex and require interaction with multiple persons across the organisation. Successful completion of these project require discipline and the use of project management standards and methodology. We have a team of specialist project managers trained in various Project Management methodologies who have been involved with several complex project of varying sizes. These experienced project managers work with the client stakeholders to provide end to end project risk assessment services on a project.

Our project risk management services are complimentary to our project management services under advisory offerings and focus more on value delivery through early risk identification and mitigation throughout the project life cycle.

Our project risk management services:Project risks evaluation &identification services

  • Risk register management services
  • Facilitate qualitative risk assessment
  • Conduct qualitative risk analysis
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies &plans

Businesses often have been found complaining about the challenges they face regarding to software asset management. For complex projects there may be multiple stakeholders involved in the purchase, design, deployment, maintenance and phasing out the software making it difficult to assess the ROI and agree to the investment. We work as a neutral party with clients as well as software vendors and provide services for:

  • Licenses review
  • Software contracts review
  • Software escrow arrangements

Our services help businesses maintain an optimized number of software licenses and the software vendors to perform assessment for appropriate utilization of their software and streamlining their revenue through software licenses sold to their customers.


Governance services

As organisations make significant use of technology, it is important to implement an appropriate governance framework for managing the technology-related assets and processes.
We assist organisations by documenting and reviewing their IT policies, processes and procedures into a structured governance framework taking into consideration the organisation’s operating model, practices and the applicable standards. Our methodology focuses on performing current state assessment, identifying improvement areas and document the relevant documents. We differentiate ourselves in providing governance services by offering to collaborate for implementation of the recommendations and not just providing recommendations. We believe in knowledge transfer and training clients key team members is assumed as a important highlight of our overall approach.

Our governance services offerings:

  • IT policies & procedures
  • IT governance framework development
  • IT operations framework
  • IT maturity capability assessments
  • Infrastructure assessment


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