Our dedicated and attentive consultants possess unsurpassed expertise in people management and offer a wide range of tailored solutions for people-management tasks.

We utilise our in-depth industry knowledge and conduct comprehensive research to provide clients with effective human capital solutions, such as the following:

Executive Search including:

  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Letter of Offer & Employment
  • Contracts Mobilisation & Relocation
  • Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manuals
  • Staff Handbooks & Recruitment & Selection Handbooks
  • Job Analysis & Job Descriptions & Core Competencies
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Performance Management System
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Succession Planning & Compensation Surveys Benchmarking
  • Employee & Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Recognition Programmes

Skills gap analysis
Skill gap analysis is to identify and highlight those employees who do not match with the requirements of the Central Bank of Bahrain, Appendix TC-1 Qualifications and Core Competencies, where applicable or the education & professional qualifications, competencies and experience required for the role and the best practices against similar positions based in the kingdom of Bahrain.
It will enable the client to develop suitable training programmes in order for the employees to acquire or enhance their capabilities to perform their current functions effectively and efficiently and/or to utilize them in functions which require their current capabilities, thereby increasing the productivity of the overall organization.

We provide clients with a fresh, confidential, ethical, and passionate approach to what is a highly complex, at times stressful, and critically important people management role.












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