Regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, Know your customers and corporate governance are strategic requirements and key focus areas for financial institutions across the world.

We can assist you in developing, deploying, automating and conducting a review of your Compliance, AML/KYC and Corporate Governance structure and implementation.

Our solutions include:

Strategy development

  • AML & KYC strategy
  • Compliance strategy
  • Corporate Governance strategy

Framework development & deployment

  • Organisation structure design
  • Policies procedures (covering AML, KYC, compliance, corporate governance)
  • Procedure for above policies
  • Forms, typologies & other enablers
  • Questionnaires

Automation & implementation
AML/KYC solutions
Compliance Management Solutions
Corporate governance automation tools


  • Classroom based & customised
  • Typologies & case studies
  • E-learning portal
  • Test questionnaires

Audit & review

  • AML/KYC compliance
  • Compliance review
  • High risk accounts review & support

Our team includes bankers with deep insight and experience in the relevant fields who not only adopt a practical approach to ensure you comply with regulatory obligations but also create business value by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions.

















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