Accounting solutions provides flexible, cost effective and specialised services to suit the business specific needs to enable business managers to devote their time and effort on core business matters.

Our technical accounting knowledge and advice, support tools, guidance and availability of resources at all times will all help to improve the quality of a company’s financial records and reporting, this is our core business.

Accounting solutions provides flexible, cost effective and specialised services to suit your business specific needs, enabling business managers to devote more time and effort to core business matters.

Our technical accounting knowledge and advice, support tools, guidance and the round-the-clock availability of resources help to improve the quality of your company’s financial records and reporting - our core business. We contribute to the success of your business by easing accounting-related burdens and freeing up resources, which can then be focused on other important business activities.

We provide a high-quality service, delivered with integrity and based on a close, working relationship. Our professionally qualified accountants have a thorough knowledge of applicable accounting standards and local regulators’ requirements and enjoy helping clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Every client is unique. Our first task is to understand your specific aims, unique circumstances and individual needs. We can then begin building the foundations on which our relationship will be based - and which will ultimately become one of the pillars of your success.


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Our services
Our services include a full spectrum of accounting needs - including general book keeping, compensation programmes, fixed asset registers, financial budgets, MIS reports, policies and procedures manuals, reviews of internal controls and procedures, account reconciliations and seconding resources for accounting purposes.

We use the most appropriate accounting software available. These sophisticated programs enable us to capture all the crucial accounting data a business must have to improve process efficiency - and contribute to increased profits.

Book-keeping & accounting
Our experienced, professionally qualified accountants help clients to maintain their accounting records in accordance with leading practice. We tailor services according to your industry, business requirements and mode of operations. Our comprehensive accounting services include:

  • Recording and maintaining general ledgers and sub ledgers
  • Preparing monthly financial statements and analysing financial results 
  • Preparing annual statutory financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • Preparing the information required for statutory audits and liaising with your auditors
  • Preparing and consolidating financial statements using a range of accounting policies
  • Reconciling financial statements prepared using different accounting policies

Our accountants receive regular training to remain up to date with leading practice and the latest regulatory and accounting standards.

Secondments of professionals
Our accountants work on accounting assignments or special projects on a secondment basis, working under the client’s supervision. Clients also benefit from quality reviews by senior professionals at Keypoint.

Payroll management services
Clients utilising our comprehensive payroll management services have the comfort of knowing that their information is held safely, securely and completely confidentially.
Our services are tailored to comply with clients’ compensation policies, employees’ entitlements, employers’ obligations and local social insurance provisions, labour law, and other regulatory requirements. Our payroll services include:

  • Maintenance of employees’ personal records
  • Maintenance of payroll databases
  • Registering and updating employee information with the Social Insurance Organisation (SIO)
  • Maintaining separate bank accounts for the payment of salaries and bonuses
  • Processing monthly payroll
  • Issuing bank instructions to transfer salaries to employees’ accounts
  • Calculating leave pay, leaving indemnities and other benefits for accrual purposes
  • Calculating termination settlements and arranging payment
  • Arranging the payments of bonuses, incentives and other benefits
  • Attending to ad hoc employee requests, such as salary certificates and leave information
  • Preparing accounting entries for all payroll-related transactions
  • Reconciling payroll accounts

Many small and medium-sized firms use our payroll management services for all their employees. Large institutions and conglomerates use our payroll services for senior staff to maintain strict confidentiality over their compensation and benefits.  

Fixed asset registers
Keeping track of a business’ fixed assets is a critical task but it demands substantial time and effort that could otherwise be deployed to grow the business. Forward-thinking managers, therefore, often outsource this time-consuming, but vital, task to third party experts in order to free up resources for key business issues. Outsourcing can be an efficient, cost-effective solution. Keypoint offers specialised services to physically verify fixed assets, set up new fixed asset registers or update existing registers - as a one-off exercise at any point in time or at periodic intervals, such as once a year, either covering all the items at once or covering a group of assets at a time so that all items are eventually covered.

Our reliable and cost-effective service is designed not to disrupt business operations, management or staff. We have developed fixed asset registers across a broad range of industry sectors.

Account reconciliations
Where businesses have large volumes of transactions, customers and creditors, the timely and accurate reconciliation of key accounts, such as bank balances, customer receivables, supplier payables, movable and immovable assets and other unidentified balances is important to prevent losses resulting from errors, omissions, neglect and fraud.
Implementing reconciliation controls has cost and resource constraints. Our team, working across industries, taking a fresh perspective and thinking outside the box, can help you ensure problems are solved efficiently and on a timely basis.

Employee stock options programme (ESOP) Management & accounting
Administering employee benefit programmes, such as stock options, involves maintaining and managing a broad spectrum of employees’ personal information confidentially. It requires a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions of the programme, determining the right benefits, maintaining accurate records, timely reporting and a personalised service. We have expertise, tools and experience in administering employee benefit programmes. Our typical services in the administration of such programmes include:

  • Drafting terms and conditions
  • Communicating with participants, such as invitation and acceptance letters
  • Collecting and maintaining a database of participants and their beneficiaries
  • Recording benefit entitlements
  • Regularly updating participants regarding their accumulated benefits
  • Determining settlements when participation ends 
  • Responding to participants’ queries
  • Maintaining accounting records
  • Ensuring benefits are determined accurately and communicated on a timely basis and confidentially.


  • Financial budgets are key tools that measure goals and objectives in monetary terms.  Continuously monitoring actual performance against budget and taking timely action is a proactive way to achieve success. Preparing financial budgets depends on many variables, both internal and external. Financial budgets should be accurate and realistic if they are going to be a meaningful measuring tool.
  • Our skilled consultants, with a deep local market understanding, work with your managers to develop financial budgets.
Accounting policies & procedures manuals
Preparing policies and procedures manuals requires a combination of accounting, business and industry knowledge, logical thinking and writing skills. It is both expensive and inefficient for business to assemble their own resources with scarce skills and use them on this task.

Keypoint’s team of professionals have the required skills, knowledge and experience of drafting customised manuals - and can also help with implementation.

Accounting software & applications
Our experience allows us to recommend accounting software programs suitable for your business, providing key decision makers with a range of valuable data including analysis of sales, cash flows and costs. Intuitive and easy-to-use accounting tools enable staff to process transactions such as payments, estimates and checks with minimal effort.

Reviews of internal controls
In the current business environment, internal controls play an important role to mitigate risks and ensure that the processes and procedures formulated by all stakeholders for the business are functioning efficiently and effectively for ensuring reliable financial information and in complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Keypoint’s team of professionals has the relevant experience to:
  • Study and identify the risks faced by the business
  • Evaluate the controls in place considering the formulated policies and procedures followed by the business
  • Test the effectiveness of internal controls for selected risk areas:
  • Accounting processes
  • Corporate governance
  • Report on identified deficiencies and recommend improvements

Inventory counts
We have worked across many of Bahrain’s leading economic sectors, including automobiles, telecommunications, trade and retail, agriculture and consumer durables. Keypoint’s expertise in the area of inventory management services includes:

  • Inventory counts
  • Assistance in designing processes for valuing inventory
  • Designing inventory movement processes (from manufacturing to delivery)

Our people

The key source of our strength is our people. Our team is committed to quality client service, providing timely and accurate responses and solutions to any given scenario.

Contact us
If you have any enquiries about the accounting solutions outlined in this brochure, please contact us. We will be pleased to discuss your business needs.

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