The choice of Bahrain
A globally-oriented country with a distinctly local flavor, the Kingdom of Bahrain has established itself as the undisputed financial center and knowledge-based services hub of the Arabian Gulf region. Bahrain's progressive outlook and international perspective are reflected in its social and economic diversity.

Dating back to the 1920s, Bahrain's formal legal system is the oldest in the Gulf. Acknowledging the importance of a sound and comprehensive legal framework that facilitates business, Bahrain has established a solid and comprehensive legal system to ensure that the rights of the local and international investor are protected.

Governed by the Al-Khalifa family, the day to day running of the country is entrusted to a cabinet of democratically elected ministers. Bahrain’s booming industries are evidence of the enthusiasm of the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain to encourage investment in the region.

In addition to the absence of corporate or local income taxes, foreign investors are attracted by the stable political environment, solid financial services, legal and accounting infrastructure and liberal lifestyle which is easily accessible in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain's primary industry sector is dominated by government owned and operated enterprises. The government owns, either partially or wholly, businesses related to oil and gas (overseen by the National Oil and Gas Authority), as well as aluminum smelting and, to a certain extent, related downstream businesses.

Bahrain has a relatively liberal business environment and the government is keen to attract foreign investment. The primary aim of the government is to continue with industrial diversification with an emphasis on knowledge based industries where service industries are considered to be the prime target. The government is particularly eager to further develop tourism, healthcare, private education and financial services.